Future Studies

As you could imagine, this 10,000-hour rule is a very interesting idea to a lot of people. This means that there have been newer studies into the subject to see if the 10,000-hour rule holds true. Princeton university did a study by compiling data from other research and performing a meta-analysis to find patterns. There was a man by the name of Dan McLaughlin who quit his job to attempt to become a professional golfer, even though he had never played before, by reaching 10,000 hours. These bring a new light on the 10,000-hour rule.


In a story posted in 2014, Princeton University Ph.D. recipient and assistant professor in the Psychology Department of Case Western University, Brooke Macnamara, found patterns in studies that examined practice in skill and found that practice did not show a large difference in skill level (Princeton). Macnamara said “There is no doubt that deliberate practice is important, from both a statistical and a theoretical perspective. It is just less important than has been argued” (Princeton). This study shows an interesting light for the 10,000-hour rule because when a highly-regarded institution such as Princeton does research into the concept they find that the claims are not supported.


As you can see, disciplines such as computer programming seemed to show less than a percentage point of difference from extended practice. This seems to directly counter Gladwell, as two of Gladwell’s first examples in his 10,000-hour rule chapter are Bill Joy and Bill Gates, who he claims were successful programmers because of their extended practice at programming.


A man by the name of Dan McLaughlin decided to quit his job and try to become a professional golfer – a sport which he had never played before. He would attempt to put indan_mclaughlin 10,000 hours of golfing practice so he could become a master, and he had quite a following
in this endeavor (TheDanPlan). The plan was to achieve a handicap index that was low enough to enter the PGA tour, which would be a 2.0, from his starting index of 8.7 (TheDanPlan). McLaughlin made progress in his practice, but began seeing diminishing results, and eventually damaged his back from the excessive effort. This makes the goal of 10,000 hours seem unrealistic, as his countdown ended in April of 2015 with another 4,000 hours left even though he had professionals to help him along the way (TheDanPlan).

70ceb0a5800370c3a4bf84d96b5a4315These attempts at testing the 10,000-hour rule seem to only dispute Gladwell’s claims, as further evidence seems to show that practice either isn’t enough, or that 10,000 hours is an unrealistic goal.


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